Medicine Distribution Programme:

Atharv Welfare Society recognized that the first step to arrest basic Health problem is to create awareness for the diseases like Swine Flu/ Dengue/ Malaria etc. and has worked towards this goal through the distribution of medicines at the village level. We have been constantly working in close cooperation with Government of India to prevent Indian Society against these deadly infectious diseases. We have been authorized by Ministry of Health, Education/ Agriculture respectively, (Government of India) to conduct various programs by these Ministries. The Government of India has authorized Atharv Welfare Society to create awareness and distribute Preventive Medicines for prevention of these deadly diseases in all the 28 states of India. Currently we are indulged in creating awareness among Indian citizen for prevention against the deadly diseases like Malaria, Swine flu, Dengue, chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis.

Our dedicated and motivated team members constantly create awareness through camps at various places. We organize medicine distributions camps and vaccination camps to help people fight against the deadly disease, with the help of state government in respective state.