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We are an NGO,based at Lucknow. We are currently working on different Government projects in the field of Health, Agriculture and Horticulture. Currently we are indulged increating awareness among Indian citizenfor prevention against the deadly diseases like Malaria,Swine flu, Dengue, chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis. Our dedicated and motivated team members constantly create awareness through camps at various places. We organize medicine distributions camps and vaccination camps to help people fight against the deadly disease, with the help of state government in respective state. In the process of the same currently we are looking for Young and dynamic candidates to conduct this Program by Ministry of Health at Country Level. We are deputing our Coordinators at Village Level to conduct this program efficiently and effectively.


Terms and Conditions

1. Candidates selected asCoordinators who will distribute medicinesneed to sign a MOU with registration amount of 3000 against the medicine kit along with all the instructions. After the training gets over the Village Coordinators will be provided a Training Kit with all the necessary details and medicines to be distributed in the society.
2. The medicine distributed can be consumed by any person whose age is more than 5 years.
3. A nominal registration charge of Rs.30 per family is to be collected against medicines disbursal from each family having 5 members. A bigger family size will require more registrations in the multiples of 5 members per Registration. ( for example- a family of 15 members would require 3 Registrations of Rs.30 each, which amounts to Rs.90 total)
4. It is the responsibility of every Coordinator to ensure that these medicines are not sold in open market, under any circumstances.
5. Coordinators shall need to carry out not only their responsibility of Team management and achieving distribution targets but also coordinate with their respective District authorities such as CMO (Chief Medical Officer), DM(District Magistrate), DHO (District Head Office), BDO (Block Development Officer).
6. Coordinators are also eligible for an additional incentive on completing their targets as announced by the Organization.
7. After this training the team members are ready to go to their respective Village and Block and carry out the distribution of medicines.

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